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The iPhone scam triggers War on Social Media! Has this Startup Conned People?

Byline By- Vinayak Heliwal

Twitter has become one of the most volatile social media platforms wherein every day the platform feed is filled with people’s opinions and views on various topics and stirring up new controversies every minute.

Meanwhile, currently one such trending controversy is about the Founder and Owner of Squeaks Media, Neel Patel.

Recently Nishant Kumar Singh along with Abhimanyu Singh Rana released a 36 minutes long YouTube video and a Twitter thread which allegedly accuses Neel Patel of multiple scams.

In the YouTube video Nishant and Abhimanyu discussed the life history of Neel Patel and accused him of various scams through the years. They have also accused Neel of using his ventures ‘Squeaks Media and ‘eGyaan ‘ to con people.

For the unversed Nishant Singh is known for making political videos on YouTube whereas Rana is an independent Blogger who writes political blogs.

However what has brought the controversy to the limelight is the alleged ‘iPhone Scam’.

According to Nishant and Abhimanyu, using his digital venture NaaradPay, Neel offered iPhone 11 to people at a very cheap price. Moreover, with the help of Twitter influencers, he then approves his credibility in the market and upon receiving the payments from the customers he didn’t deliver iPhone to anyone.

Nishant and Abhimanyu Believe that Neel made sure that only a few customers received IPhones and this was done by Patel to make people believe in his iPhone offer.

While Neel has been accused of a plethora of scams, he has maintained that delivery of the Iphones is lagging simply because of the unavailability of the product. Neel has said on Twitter that he is not a fraud and none of the allegations are true against him.

Meanwhile, Netizens bombarded with their take on iPhone scams.

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