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The fairy-train of water reaches Chennai: An immediate relief to Chennai’s water crises

To battle with the water crises in a Chennai, a water-filled train reached there, carrying 2.5 liters of water in about 50 wagons.

It started its journey on Friday(this morning, itself), and reached Chennai during the afternoon period. It started its way from Vellore district at 7 AM and reached the Villivakkam station in Chennai at 12 PM.

As per the close source of NLC, each wagon contains the water-volume of about 55,000 liters.

Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board Chennai metro water is providing the help of 525 million litre water per day in the state-capital zone.

This train would definitely contribute to the solution of current water crises in Chennai, from which it has been infected for four months.

As far as the organic insight is concerned, the 2019 Chennai water crisis is an ongoing water crisis occurring in India, most notably in the city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. On 19 June 2019, Chennai city officials declared that “Day Zero”, or the day when almost no water is left, had been reached, as all the four main reservoirs supplying water to the city had run dry. Two years of deficient monsoon rainfall, particularly in late 2017 and throughout much of 2018 had led to this crisis.

Because tap water has stopped running, some families have been relying on alternative water sources such as distant, unreliable public water pumps, and costly private water tankers.

The insufficient water in the place is the result of nothing, but undefined and non-sustainable actions of the man, towards the environment in a careless way.

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