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Spreading fake rumors about the COVID19 vaccine will be considered contempt of law, legal action will be taken against rumor mongers!

The central government has asked for strict legal action against those spreading rumors about the Covid-19 vaccine. The Center has written a letter in this regard to the Chief Secretaries of all states and union territories. Explain that the Corona vaccination program has been going on since January 16 in the country, but it is not catching up to the expected pace as per the target. More than 1.6 million people have been vaccinated with Corona so far in India.

Legal action will be taken against rumor mongers:

Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla has written a letter in this regard to states and union territories last week. In this, states have been told that action can be taken against such people under the provisions of the Disaster Management Act and IPC.

The Home Secretary has said that action on such people is necessary to stop rumors and false news. Along with this, states have also been advised to disseminate reliable information on the basis of real facts. Penal action can be taken against rumor-mongering organizations and legal provisions under a person.

PM Modi also appealed masses to prevent spread of fake rumor about COVID19 vaccine:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also targeted people who spread lies about the Corona vaccine. The PM said that I appeal to you to come forward and spread the correct information among the poor and common people about the Corona vaccine.

The PM had said that those who spread lies and rumors on the corona vaccination can be defeated through correct information. So I request everyone to spread the right information to the fake rumor mongers. Scientists of the country made the vaccine of Covid-19 and fulfilled their duty. But now lies are being spread about the vaccine. Such networks can be defeated only by giving correct information.

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