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Sonam Kapoor thanksgiving statement turns out to be bizarre – know how?

Bollywood celebrities are known for their extravagant, stylish, lavish, and creative life, especially Sonam Kapoor. She is one of the most celebrated fashion icons of B-town. Whatever she wears or carries (even her purse and scarf) become the trends among her followers. But this time she has done something that was not expected by her fan and twitteratties!

Today Sonam tweeted a photo thanking every brave person who is still working to fulfil our needs with the caption “These people are the pillars that are keeping it going in these tough times. A salute to them!”

As soon as this tweet came among the netizens they trolled her for extra-sympathetic human nature. One tweeter user Pun of Gods tweeted, “See how useless u Bollywood chavanni chap are… non-essential non-sense ppl.”

Another tweeter handle, Tweet Sensible tweeted, “Anil Kapoor, wish you wore it that night.”

A twitter user Neha tweeted, “Ek salute tumko bhi to keep us entertained with your dumbness.”

Have look over other jibing tweets:

Like bad there are some positive and sensible tweets as well have a look:

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