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Shocking: A bus crash in Bulgaria and 45 people died in this accident

Shocking: A bus crash in Bulgaria and 45 people died in this accident

A bus crashed in Bulgaria and 45 passangers died during this accident.Read the full story to know more about it :

On 23rd November 2021 this terrible bus accident took place at Struma highway about 45 km (28 miles) west of Sofia around 2:00 a.m.(000GMT) in Bulgaria. However, the cause of this accident was unclear but bus seems to hit highway barrier either before or after it caught fire.

According to the officials, 45 people died including 12 children and bus was carrying almost North Macedonian tourists in it.
Seven people who leapt from burning bus were immediately rushed to hospital in Sofia and according to the doctors these 7 people are now in stable conditions.
The Bulgarian interim Prime Minister Stefen Yanev says“We have enormous tragedy here.”

When Bulgarian investigation team was questioned about this accident then Borislav Sarafov,the chief investigating officer told that four buses from North Macedonia travel agency had entered from Bulgaria late on Monday from Turkey.

“Human mistake by a driver or a technical malfunction are two initial versions for accident, ” he said.

Thus, the cause of this accident is still unclear but investigation team will try to find it’s cause as soon as possible.

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