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No Fear No Favour

Salman Khan asks his team of doctors to keep a check on Sunil Grover’s health after surgery.

Written by Shivangi Chawla

Comedian and actor Sunil Grover was hospitalized last month after he complained of chest pain. It was later revealed that he suffered a heart attack and he also tested positive for Covid-19. After surgeries, Sunil was discharged from the hospital on Thursday almost after a month. And amid all this difficulty, there was one friend who kept a check on Sunil’s health throughout, and that is none other than Salman Khan.

Salman Khan is well known for his kindness towards his friends and family. No matter what he can be seen taking care of his loved ones in need. Earlier when Remo D’souza suffered a heart attack he personally visited the doctor to discuss his health condition. Now he is doing the same efforts for his friend Sunil Grover.

According to reports, Salman is a very dear friend of Sunil and he asked his team of doctors, who also work with Being Human, to make sure that everything was fine with regards to his health and the heart surgery. Even after his discharge, Salman has instructed the team of doctors to monitor his health and make sure that Sunil is fine. As per sources, Sunil Grover had to undergo four bypass surgeries to recover.

As per recent reports, it was stated that Sunil is recovering well and he was also walking around and doing his day-to-day activities after his surgery. The doctors said, “Since he has received all arterial grafts using internal mammary arteries his long-term results should be good and will be able to lead a normal life in the long term with proper care which should include proper diet, exercise, yoga, and medicine.

He is a positive person with a bright outlook on life.” For those who do not know, Salman Khan is very close to Sunil Grover. Sunil is a regular at Salman’s birthday parties. The duo also worked together in ‘Bharat’ in which Sunil played the role of Salman Khan’s best friend.

Moreover, Sunil Grover was also a part of The Kapil Sharma Show which is produced by Salman Khan. However, because of personal Grudges between Sunil and Kapil, they parted ways in their profession. Currently, Kapil Sharma is working with his new team including Krishna Abhishek. While Sunil Grover is looking for a new start to his Comedy shows individually. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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