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No Fear No Favour

Reported shocking reasons and figures of increased elderly abuse during the lockdown, read to know more:

By Purvi Jain

A number of respondents have responded that 71% of elders have an opinion of abuse against them during lockdown ahead of world elder abuse awareness day on June 15.

The survey was being conducted by a civil society organization Agewell foundation from June 1 to June 12. Almost 5000 elders have responded including metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. Almost 56% of elders are suffering from abuse from family and society. They are abused in a form of verbal abuse, ignorance of daily needs, lack of healthcare facilities provided to them, and in many forms.

From 5000 respondents, 2804 said they are going through abuse and many said they are facing misbehavior due to financial reasons.

A study also indicated that COVID-19 pandemic has made elders live in isolation. 69% of elders said their lives have been affected by the situation of the pandemic.

71% says abuse has increased before and after lockdown. Out of the total response, 58% claim the interpersonal reason for abuse against them.

Himanshu Rath, chairman of Agewell Foundation mentions, “older people are not only facing family social restrictions but also family restrictions. Many are not being able to visit doctors. They aren’t able to share their worries with friends or relatives.”

Rath feels there should be awareness among elders and family about various provisions, support systems, and various health facilities that are provided for elders. He also focused on a dedicated helpline for people facing abuse.

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