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RANVEER SINGH: “Feeling grounded and secure after marriage”.

Ever since Bollywood’s most loved couple Ranveer and Deepika tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Italy, they have been gushing about each other whenever it is possible. Ranveer Singh in a recent conclave enthusiastically expressed the feeling of his married life and about how he is feeling “invincible” like a superhero at the same time grounded and secure.

He said, “I feel like I am flying. Marriage is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Wow, I feel invincible, like the way they show in superhero movies. I feel like I’ve grown up now and I am finally a man. I feel secure and grounded. It’s been only 10 to 15 days and it’s so nice and lovely. I would highly recommend it to all”.


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