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No Fear No Favour


By Shivangi Chawla

Corona virus has become a part of our lives now and we all have learned how to live with it . For how long we’re gonna stay at home , to meet our financial needs we have to get back to work while taking necessary precautions and following social distancing . A lot of people have become unemployed and lost their jobs and businesses because of economic crisis . wearing face masks and using sanitizers have become very common in our daily routine and of course it should be as it protects us from this deadly virus. We all our dealing with n number of problems because of this corona pandemic, as we all are not able to celebrate our festivals as we usually celebrate , not going for family vacations and outings has been limited. Along with us children are also suffering a lot . The virus may not be making kids sick but staying up inside is taking a toll in their mind. Staying at home from so long not being able to go out to play , attending their dance , painting , karate classes etc etc. Children need some day to day activities to learn new things. Sitting at home all day and playing games on phones and laptops affects their eyes .

Parents are also worried for their children . Some parents tell us that their children used to stare at their windows and doors ,without talking to anyone and finally burst out in tears. Someone said that their little daughter’s distress began when she was unable to call her friends on her birthday .They ask their parents what is our fault? why we are locked at home ? why we are not allowed to go for playing? when our schools will reopen ? why can’t i meet my friends ? Are we prisoners ? Why corona not going away? . Children are so innocent and are curious to know every thing that happened , they want to know answers about everything. This corona pandemic has affected their studies too, Online classes are not sufficient for children to understand things and it affects their eyesight too. Parents need to create a atmosphere at home in which children can enjoy and study easily. Some new ways should be used to make children comfortable at home that can refresh their inquisitive minds. Let’s just hope that everything get well soon and all of us get back to our normal lives.

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