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On the Occasion of Thalapathy Vijay’s 47th Birthday, Let’s Revisit the time when the Superstar married his female fan

Tamil Actor Vijay who has been around for over two decades needs no introduction as the famous South Indian Actor gained immense popularity globally by giving back to back blockbuster movies. Vijay has been entertaining the fans by delivering the kinds of films they want from him.

Fans even consider him to be the True successor to actor Rajinikanth in terms of popularity and business his films manage to generate. Fans fondly call him ‘Thalapathy’, and their love for him is unconditional.

Continuous social media trends explain the power of loyal Vijay fans who have consistently make sure that their superstar Thalapathy and the Master Actor can be on the trending spot for all the good reasons. But, As it is said that behind every successful man, there is a women and this stands true in the case of ‘Thalapathy’ aka Vijay life.

Therefore, on the occasion of his 47th birthday, let’s revisit Thalapathy Vijay’s real-life love story with his wife Sangeetha. Vijay and Sangeetha’s love story is a classic example to prove the saying that some marriages are made in heaven.

It was the year 1996 when Vijay’s latest release Poove Unakkaga had done really well on the box office and brought him decent fame. t was a film that garnered immense praise for his performance not just from his local fans but even from Tamilians residing abroad.

Vijay was all set for his next film and was in the thick of the shooting schedule at Film City in Chennai. It was during one of his shooting breaks that Vijay was greeted by a pretty lady who introduced herself as Sangeetha Sornalingam, an ardent fan of him.

Vijay greeted her pleasantly and the two chatted for a while. The daughter of a Tamil Industrialist from Sri Lanka settled in the UK, she had seen Vijay’s last film Poove Unakkaga and was impressed by Vijay’s performance in the film. Since she happened to visit Chennai, she decided to visit Vijay and personally let him know that she really liked his work.

The sweet gesture of Sangeetha touched Vijay’s heart and he asked her if she would like to visit his house and meet his parents for a chat, to which she agreed.Vijay and Sangeetha’s next meeting was at his house with his parents. Vijay’s parents were impressed by Sangeetha and her simplicity but they had no idea that the girl would become their daughter-in-law. The first meeting of Sangeetha and Vijay’s parents left a mark on the actor’s parents.

Meanwhile, Vijay had also developed a liking for Sangeetha and as she was staying back in Chennai for a few more days, the actor asked her out again. Vijay invited her again to her place and this time, his parents knew that she was the one for their son. During the meeting, Vijay’s father asked Sangeetha whether she would like to marry Vijay. Sangeetha gladly agreed to the proposal and the actor was happy with the decision too.

Both the families of Vijay and Sangeetha met in London to discuss the marriage proposal and finally the couple stepped into married life on 25 August 1999. The couple had their marriage as per Hindu rituals as Sangeetha is a Hindu and Vijay a Christian. The wedding and the subsequent reception in Chennai was a star-studded affair and leading names from the Tamil Film Industry attended the wedding.

Vijay has always been a doting husband and in the month of August 2000, Sangeetha gave birth to their first child, a son whom they named Jason Sanjay. The couple was also blessed with a daughter in September 2005 whom they named Divya Saasha.

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