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No Fear No Favour

Noida Authority directs everyone to keep at least three-dustbin in their houses and office post-August 1.

People who live in Noida will now have to hold three types of dustbin from August 1. In its latest order, the Noida Authority has said that separate garbage must be put in three types of the dustbin.

A wet waste that comes out of the building must be collected in the green dustbin. For example, peels of vegetables and fruits, skins of eggs, bones of meat-fish or leftover food. Dry waste, like paper, scrap rappers, and a bottle or a can, in blue or other dustbin.

Now it is the turn of the third dustbin.  Medical waste and non-biodegradable garbage will have to be deposited in the third and red colored dustbin.  Poor razors, scissors, bulbs or glass items will be thrown in it.

Ritu Maheshwari, CEO of Noida Industrial Authority said, “Our public health department’s sanitation workers will only pick up the separated garbage collected from the houses as of August 1. Learn about the various forms of waste that come out of the house and start sorting the garbage from now on.

The order has been issued but the big question is that there are many families in Noida who are unable to keep three dustbins.  In such a situation, how will these families follow the new guidelines of Noida Authority?

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