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New roadmap of the political process in Jammu and Kashmir, a joint government can be the blueprint before elections.

After liberating Jammu and Kashmir from the bond of Article 370, there can be a new experiment there. That is, the public and political parties feel the government before the formation of the government after the elections. It is believed that the newly appointed Lieutenant-Governor Manoj Sinha will appoint about a dozen political advisors. It is interesting that for this, he can demand his people from all the parties active in the state including PDP, National Conference.

He will be said to be the political advisor to the Lieutenant Governor but will function solely as a cabinet in which all advisors will take care of their respective departments. It is said that Manoj Sinha’s real challenge will be to prepare all political parties for this.

Trust will be generated between public and political parties:

According to highly placed sources associated with Jammu and Kashmir, the delimitation of seats and the subsequent Dhan Sabha election cannot be waited upon to start the political process in the state. If the political process is not started before that, then an atmosphere conducive for the assembly elections will not be ready. The attempt to appoint consultants in the new look is being seen like this.

Actually, this experiment will not only exclude the Lieutenant Governor from the image of being representative of the Central Government or BJP. Rather, trust can also be created between the public and political parties. Time will tell which political parties are ready for this, but this will be an opportunity. If political parties wish, they can join for development with responsibility. If he runs away from this responsibility then it will not be easy for him to raise the question.

Asked about the need for a political advisor, the senior official said that the president of the 40 thousand Panch, Sarpanch and Block Development Council is trying to fill the political vacuum at the local level, but has long been the victim of terrorism and mismanagement This is not enough for Jammu and Kashmir.

Anyway, due to the boycott of Panchayat elections of PDP, NC, and to a large extent Congress, Panchs, Sarpanches, and BDC heads are being seen more as representatives of BJP. With this, the Panch and Sarpanch have not yet succeeded in becoming a link of public engagement with the government.

Presently, all the four advisors to the Lieutenant Governor in Jammu and Kashmir have retired IPS or IAS officers. There are no plans to immediately remove these advisors. But after the appointment of new political advisors, their role can be limited to issues like administration and security by freeing them from the responsibility of the departments associated with the common man.

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