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No Fear No Favour

Netizens slam Celebrities, Leaders, and Sportsperson for Posting identical tweets and making it look like a PR Disaster.

Byline By- Vinayak Heliwal

The farmer protest has been going on for months, and surprisingly, not a single tweet was posted from the most prominent celebrities in the country.

But on Tuesday as soon as Rihanna tweeted an article talking about the internet cut off in Delhi during protests everything broke loose.

Her one question ‘Why aren’t we talking about this?! #Farmer Protests’ had enough power to rattle the entire country with half the people supporting her and appreciating her while the other half said that she shouldn’t speak up on India’s internal matters.

Rihanna become the only person that spoke about the issue but with her tweet, many leaders, celebrities, and sportsperson who had been silent on the farmer protest issue, decided to speak up.

However, Netizens notices something strange and scripted about the tweets. The similarities in their tweets, the words used, the stance taken by celebrities looked too very similar to be a coincidence.

And surprisingly, with everyone tweeted on the same day, made people even suspect that it’s not their personal opinions.

Here’s what Akshay Kumar said –

And, a few hours later, Saina Nehwal tweeted this –

Check out netizens reactions –

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