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Netizens bombarded social media with memes as ‘Joker 2’ is finally happening!

If there is one anti-hero film that has managed to impress the audience’s around the globe and also clinch Oscars in recent times, it has to be Joker.

Todd Philips ‘Joker’ has to be one of the best movies to have been made in the last decade.

Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of the Clown Prince of Gotham will go down as one of the most iconic portrayals of the Joker.

While it has been a long time that a sequel to the hit spin-off is in the making is being said by various speculators and birdies that Joaquin Phoenix is being convinced by the makers to reprise, there is a new update about the same.

Now, a report by the Hollywood Reporter says that a sequel to Joker is all but confirmed.

Right after the Joker was released in 2019, one of the producers of the movie put out a statement that a sequel was certainly going to be made only to then retract the statement without giving any proper explanation.

Now, Resurrecting the twisted take of the grinning green-haired supervillain, the director of the original ‘Joker’, Todd Philips is set to co-write the Academy Award-Winning Film’s next installment

In an interview with Los Angeles Times, both Todd Philips and Joaquin Phoenix have said that they would be happier to work on the sequel.

Philips said that the next Joker film wouldn’t be just about Joker’s criminal activities and his life as the harbinger of chaos. It will have similar thematic lines as the original film and will show how modern society was responsible for creating one of the greatest villains ‘Joker’.

Phoenix also said that the possibility of a sequel was discussed way before the original film was released in 2019 as both Philips and Joaquin believed that there’s so much to explore with the character ‘Joker’.

Meanwhile, fans can’t seem to keep their excitement in check.

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