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NEET and JEE examination – Have a sneak peek over government safety measures to conduct exam nationwide.

Amid the nationwide online and offline protest to postpone the JEE-NEET exam, the government didn’t paid much attention to these protest and is conducting the exams nationwide as the scheduled date and time in different states of India.

“NTA has carried out detailed deliberations to formulate guidelines for the various controls/measures that are required to be implemented on the day of the exam at each examination centres.” The notification stated.
National Testing Agency (NTA) has issued these fresh safety guidelines just after the admit cards were distributed for these two exams.

• According to the instructions, students do not need to wear a face mask during the exam, but they are required to carry their personal water bottle and hand sanitizer with themselves to the exam center and maintain social distancing.
• Apart from stationery, water bottle and sanitizer, students are only allowed to bring admit card with themselves. Time slots will be given for the distribution of uniforms.
• Before entering the examination hall, the staggered entry will be shared with candidates through Admit Cards and SMS.• There will be an isolation hall for the students with a temperature of more than 99.4 degrees Fahrenheit. All their checking and document verification will be done after 15-20 minutes. Till then, their temperature will become normal. If not, they will be allowed to take exams in the isolation hall.
• Candidates are required to make a distance of at least 6 feet from each other during the exam.• Before entering the exam hall, each student has to wash their hands with soap and water and hand sanitizers.
• After the examination, candidates are allowed to leave the room in an orderly manner i.e. one candidate at a time, and the gloves and mask provided by the center should be disposed of in a pedal push covered bin.JEE (Mains) will be scheduled from September 1-6 and NEET UG 2020 exam will happen on September 13 as per the public notice issued by NTA.

Have a look over nationwide examination centres:

Jharkhand: Candidates enter #JEEMain examination centre in Ranchi while observing social distancing norms. A candidate from Hatiya, Shreyanshi Mishra says, “We have been informed that we will undergo sanitization, thermal check & frisking before we enter the computer lab.”

Lucknow: Candidates underwent temperature check at Subash Chandra Bose Institute of Higher Education in Prabandh Nagar, Muburakpur that has been designated as an exam centre for #JEEMain. Candidates were given fresh masks & gloves before entering the centre.

Kerala: Sanitisation facility installed and temperature of candidates being checked before entering an examination centre in Kochi’s Aluva, for #JEEMains exam, earlier today.

Jammu & Kashmir: Candidates arrive at Chenab College of Education in Kaluchak that has been designated as an exam centre for #JEEMain. A candidate says, “Today we have the exam of B. Architecture, therefore there are fewer students. It’s good that the exam is being conducted.”

Chandigarh: Candidates appearing in #JEEMain arrive at Bardhaman Computer centre in the industrial area of the UT, that has been designated as an examination centre. A candidate says, “Many students were waiting for the exam. However, there are a few students this time.”

Bihar: Candidates undergo temperature check & hand sanitization process at TCS Office in Pataliputra Colony, Patna, designated as an exam centre for #JEEMain. They are also being given fresh masks. A candidate, Piyush says, “There were no autos/buses available to reach here.”

Chhattisgarh: Candidates appearing in #JEEMain arrive at ICE centre in Raipur’s Sarona, that has been designated as an examination centre.

Karnataka: Candidates arrive at SJM Infotech Private Limited in Bengaluru, which has been designated as an exam centre for #JEEMain. The temperature of candidates being checked as they arrive.

Gujarat: Candidates start arriving at TCS ION Digital zone in Ahmedabad, designated as an examination centre for #JEEMain. #COVID19 measures being followed & temperature of candidates being checked at the centre.

West Bengal: Candidates writing #JEEMain arrive at TCS Gitobitan in Kolkata, that has been designated as an exam centre. The temperature of candidates being checked and area being sanitised in the wake of #COVID19.

Delhi: Candidates arrive at Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr Sec School in Vivek Vihar, designated as an examination centre for #JEEMain. The temperature of candidates being checked. A candidate, Pranjal says, “I am carrying my own sanitiser and I had also undergone a full body checkup”.

Odisha: As per the directions of the State government, Jajpur district administration has provided travel facilities for students appearing in #JEEMain to help them reach their exam centres. A student, Manas from Dharmasala block says, “It’s good for our future that exams are being held.”

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