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Meet Samia Ali, the four year old internet sensation

Samia Ali an internet star at an age of just 4. She is born to famous YouTuber star LaToya Forever and internet personality and fitness trainer Adam Ali.

She was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada just before eleven o’clock in the morning on October 12, 2014. Five days later, her parents launched her Instagram page and posted their first picture of her. Samia has a younger brother Zyan born in 2016.

Samia Ali has more than 200k subscriber on Youtube, 142k followers on Instagram. She has such a fame that her videos on social networking sites are sponsored by big child brands. At such an early age she has become kid
influencer on social networking sites.

In a recent telephonic interview of Samia’s parents LaToya and Adam with The Telegraph. They revealed that her daughter is as normal as other kids. Being an internet sensation has nothing to do with her daily life.

Her parents when asked about the potential of social media and how Samia handles it. They replied, She is a internet star and she isn’t aware of it. The reason behind is that she doesn’t handles any of her social media accounts. Her YouTube and Instagram profile is managed by us and she wouldn’t be accessing it until she is 14.

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