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Mahi will wear the symbol: Nation decides

The man whose helicopter shot drives every Indian crazy faces problem in showing patriotism. Patriotism is the feeling of love, respect, honour and dignity towards one’s country and conventionally should be devoid of limitations, but currently, when MS Dhoni, wore a green glove, on which there was a symbol of insignia (Balidan), to express his love and respect towards the Indian army, then ICC(International cricket council),said that MS Dhoni is going against the norms of ICC, which are that clothing equipment cannot contain a logo propagating any religious, political, social or an army cause.

The match in which he wore the glove was against South Africa in England. The BCCI(board of cricket council of India) has requested the ICC,to let MS Dhoni wear the glove, in the overall length of the ICC World Cup, to which till now ICC has given no clear statement regarding the permission, as it consistently lays stress upon the removal of the “insignia” symbol. The Indian Player holds the post of Lieutenant Colonel in the parachute regiment of the territorial army and the commando dagger indicated downside, with wings stretching upwards, is part of their emblem. The player often visits army camps to talk to them and is passionate about wearing camouflage outfit, as he loves the Indian Army very much.

The man who has made our nation proud in the field of cricket(an emotion),like for example”In 2011, 2012 and 2013 under Dhoni captaincy, India was named as ICC team of the year” and “Dhoni is the fourth fastest batsman who has completed 8000 runs in New Zealand fifth and final match” etc. The man who has always satisfied the dignity and name of India in the whole world, in his own powerful manner, now needs us to get his personal choice of showing love towards the Indian Army, to be satisfied.

The nation supports him using the hashtag(#keeptheglove), ignoring the regulatory mindset of ICC. ICC rejects the “insignia” symbol and therefore our nation rejects its rejection.

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