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Keep yourself cool this summer with Sony’s wearable air conditioner

wearable air conditioner
Keep yourself cool this summer with Sony’s wearable air conditioner

Sony launched a wearable air conditioner called Reon pocket as a crowdfunded project. This small device has a Peltier element which can be cooled or heated efficiently according to your need. It is a wearable device compatible with both inner and outer wearable which can be controlled by your smartphone making it as portable as it can get.

Reon pocket is no less than a dream come true. You don’t have to get all fussed up in this scorching heat. Have you ever wondered how to manage when you are travelling or you are in a place with no air conditioner? Reon to the rescue. No wonder technology has become so advanced. It is unbelievable how it has evolved so much over the years and made our life easy. Technology never fails to impress people with creative ideas and make our problems go away.

Adding a good thing, it is not only made for steaming hot summers to cool down the temperature, but you can also use it in the cold temperature. The pocket-sized device can be worn on the back of the neck with dedicated underwear controlled with the application. You can control the application through mobile phone according to one’s need.

The Peltier element adopted by this device can be cooled and heated effectively. This element is basically made for the car and wine coolers as they use less power if used for a long time. But with this element, the device uses a newly developed technology to make it wearable.

The inner wares for the wearable air conditioner are found in S, M and L sizes but as of now, it is only made for men. Also, it has come up with the pocket at the back to insert the device.

The device is powered up by the lithium-ion battery that can be used for the entire day with just 2 hours of charging. It measures approximately 54 × 20 × 116 mm and supports Bluetooth 5.0 LE connected phones.

Sony Reon pocket comes with a price tag of 14,000 yen (Rs 8,990 approximately) for one device and one underwear whereas for the other device, it costs 19,030 ( (Rs 12000 approximately) for the highest one machine and five underwear.

But this product is only available in Japan yet and if the target market is not met then no other devices will be released.

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