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Internet slammed TV reporter Anjana Om Kashyap for her inhuman behavior in ICU: Learn More

India top level anchor cum producer cum reporter Anjana Om Kashyap is getting trolled on social media for her inhuman behavior in ICU of a government hospital in Bihar. Anjana was covering a news story of patients admitted to government hospitals due to encephalitis virus. There she misbehaved with the doctor, nurse, and staff of the hospital.

Anjana slammed doctor with her dauntless accent questions like why doctors are not following proper procedures to treat the patients? She further said that “I can see everyone here is just pursuing formalities of their responsibilities. In-spite of taking care of the child and giving him the proper treatment. how can you just roam here and there? when there is a needy patient lying in front of you…

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NDTV anchor Kadambini Sharma wrote “ICU mein jakar nautanki anchoring karne se, doctoron par chillane se agar bachche thik ho jote to yahi dawai likhi jati. Aisi reporting galat aur ghatia hai.”

A twitter user Rahul wrote “Shame on #AnjanaOmKashyap what kind of journalism is this instead of asking questions to people in power she target doctors and nurses on duty.”

Another twitter user Amarario wrote “Journalism in India. #AnjanaOmKashyap barges into the ICU, starts accusing the Doctor, judges him, demoralize him. Who gave her permission to enter ICU? Who gave her permission to judge? Look at that young doctor’s face. Tired,,, overworked, attending to everyone.”

Manish Patel tweeted Anjana’s video with a caption ” Disgusting, discourteous & thick headed journalism by #AnjanaOmKashyap.”

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