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IIT- Bombay takes a major decision for the upcoming semesters, other IITs likely to follow suit

By Purvi Jain

IIT Bombay has become the first educational institution to remove all face to face classes in the country for a year after looking at the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an announcement, IIT-Bombay Director, Subhasis Chaudhuri on late Wednesday night said that the next semester will function “ purely in online mode so that there is no compromise on the safety and well being of the students.”

Chaudhuri wrote in a post on Facebook close to midnight, “After a long deliberation in the Senate, we have decided that the next semester will be run purely in the online mode so that there is no compromise on the safety and well being of the students. The COVID-19 pandemic has made us at IIT Bombay rethink the way we impart education to our students. To ensure that our students begin the academic year without any further delay, we are planning on extensive online classes to all students in due course of time.”

This is for the first time in the institute’s 62 years old history that the new academic year begins with no student on the campus. Other IITs are also likely to follow virtual classes.

He also mentioned a large section of students came up from economically weaker sections. Funds will be raised towards the purchasing of laptops by the campus and other requirements for virtual classes for such students.

He wrote in his Facebook post, “We do not want a single student to miss out on the learning experience due to lack of finance. We have estimated that we need around 5crore to help such needy students. Our alumni have committed a good amount of support but that is not enough for the needy students and I solicit through this message donation, However, small it may be.”

The department has sent emails to the students to enquire whether they are having an internet connection, laptop, or computer with them or not.

According to officials, exams for final year university students which were supposed to be conducted in July are likely to be canceled and alternative modalities of assessment will be worked out. An opportunity will be given to students to improve their score at a later stage, they said.

The various IITs have been deliberating on delaying calling students to campus this year.

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