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Delhi still facing a shortage of vaccine, need 3 crore doses: CM Kejriwal

Byline By- Balkrishna

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Saturday there is as yet a lack of vaccine availability against the Covid infection (Covid-19) and the national capital requirements three crore dosages to vaccinate all eligible recipients in 3 months. He encouraged the Centre to give the essential number of portions.

According to the briefing, Kejriwal said, “How many vaccine doses do we need to inoculate all eligible beneficiaries in three months? If I give you an estimate, Delhi’s population is 2 crores. Of this, 1 crore people are in the age group of 18 and 45; 50 lakhs below the age of 18 and the rest 50 lakh above the age of 45. Hence, there are almost 1.5 crore people above the age of 18. These 1.5 crore people have to be administered two vaccine doses. Hence, 3 crore doses are needed of which the Delhi government has received 40 lakh doses. We need 2.6 crores more doses and around 80-85 lakh doses are needed per month.”

Kejriwal expressed certainty if the Delhi government gets 80-85 lakh dosages each month, the vaccination cycle can be finished inside the set objective of 3 months. “To complete vaccination within three months, we need to vaccinate 3 lakh people every day. Currently, we are inoculating 1 lakh people in a day. I request the Centre ensure adequate availability of vaccines to Delhi.” he added.

Since last month, many patients of the Covid-19 illness lost their lives as clinics across Delhi couldn’t secure oxygen supplies on schedule or were simply left with limited supplies which got over rapidly.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)- drove Delhi government has faced a lot of criticism for not guaranteeing sufficient accessibility of oxygen to clinics and other clinical offices.

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