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Covid-19: The Untold Stories of Covid-19 Recovered Patients.

Byline by- Aaliya Sultana

With the coming of the pandemic, we have been poisoned to only pay attention to the stories that create negative emotions. We hardly see any stories that can help spread positivity.

Therefore, we have taken the initiative of bringing stories that tells the experience of recovered covid-19 patients and share their journey through our segment of ‘The Untold Stories of Recovered Covid-19 Patients’, we aim to bring the best stories from the local areas. We will get to know their story, experience, and whereabouts during the period when they were getting recovered or helping someone get recovered.

For our first segment, we are covering the story of Shriya who currently pursuing Mass Communication and journalism and in the previous month, she was infected with the virus while she was in New Delhi for family related work. This started with one of her family members being affected and gradually it spread, and everyone started showing symptoms. As for Shriya, she had very mild symptoms in the starting but when she lost her sense of smell and taste is when she was sure that she indeed has the virus.

For her brother, he also recovered with proper precautions and medicines but for her father and mother, they were a little vulnerable case with high fever and cough. The oxygen level of her mother was fine but mentally and emotionally, her mother was devasted as well as Shriya was. Being the only one who did not show very serious symptoms, it was very difficult for her to look after the whole household, but her dedication stayed strong. Her mother is still in the recovering period but is still very firm to fight covid.

Physically She believes that yes, it is very draining but mentally it is more hectic since we see our family members in such helpless state. She also believes that being told to stay optimistic is very easy but as a person who faces it is when one realises that how thoughts can eat someone up. To put her mind at ease, she used to take breaks, so she can pray for the wellbeing of the family. She believes that even one after one harsh situation, hope is something that one should never leave.

It is okay to keep hanging on and make yourself comfortable and calm. It is okay to go through this testing and hard period because in the end one comes out as a stronger person. She also faced an increase in her anxiety level and could not sleep for days but she calmed this thought with the feeling that, she is still at home, she still has her strength, and she is able to help herself and everyone around her.

Stories like this really makes us believe that with hope and commitment, one can get through anything. As someone once said ‘This too shall pass’ are the words that summarises our hardships and our testing period.

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