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“CM Kejriwal Ready to Face Jail Again to Combat Dictatorship as Interim Bail Expires on June 2”

With only two days remaining before his interim bail ends, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal expressed on Friday that he feels “proud” to be heading back to jail in an effort to “save the country from dictatorship.” In a video message, Kejriwal, who is scheduled to surrender at Tihar Jail on Sunday, June 2, emphasized that the work his government is doing in Delhi will not be hindered by his imprisonment. He announced that he will leave his house at 3 pm on Sunday, acknowledging the possibility of being “tortured” in prison.

Kejriwal, who was arrested in connection with the Delhi excise policy case, urged his supporters not to be disheartened if he faces harm or even death in his fight against dictatorship. He had previously sought an extension of his interim bail from the Supreme Court on medical grounds due to his health concerns and significant weight loss following his arrest on March 21. However, the Supreme Court did not hear the case, prompting him to apply for interim and regular bail at a Delhi court. The Rouse Avenue court is set to hear his interim bail plea on Saturday.

In his message, Kejriwal thanked the Supreme Court for granting him 21 days of bail to campaign for the Lok Sabha elections, noting that this period is coming to an end and he must surrender the day after tomorrow. He expressed pride in his resolve to return to jail to combat dictatorship, despite the attempts to break his spirit and silence him. He also detailed the alleged torture he faced in jail, including the withholding of his essential diabetic medication, which caused his blood sugar levels to spike dangerously.

Kejriwal highlighted the importance of undergoing diagnostic tests before his return to jail due to his significant weight loss and other health concerns. Despite his incarceration, he reassured the public that the Delhi government’s initiatives, such as free electricity, Mohalla clinics, hospitals, free medicines, free bus travel for women, and 24-hour electricity, will continue unabated. He also promised that upon his return, he would initiate a program to provide Rs 1000 every month to every mother and sister in Delhi.

Author:- Apoorva Arora

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