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No Fear No Favour

But why did Google do this to TikTok? Read to know more:

According to the sources, Google has apparently deleted over a million TikTok reviews from the play store overnight, therefore increasing the ratings from 1.2 to 1.6 stars.

Recently due to the YouTube vs TikTok battle on social media in India, TikTok has made it in the headlines for a while. The short video sharing app ratings have decreased drastically with each day to 1.2 stars with millions of bad public reviews and facing the backlash since the day YouTube vs TikTok battle has begun.

TikTok has gained the fame from the past few years but after being banned and unbanned in India last year, TikTok has been facing backlash which has decreased its ratings on the Google Play Store which can also lead to a possible ban on the app in the country in near future. The whole 1 star rating is being followed by the #bantiktok hashtag trending on Twitter with people demanding a ban on the app in India yet again.

But the reasons for Google deleting over a million TikTok reviews overnight are still not clear. Here’s a tweet on the story:

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