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Businessman Srinivas Gupta proved “eternal love” for his late wife as he installed her silicon statue in a housewarming party

By Line: Vinayak Heliwal

Srinivas Gupta, a Karnataka based businessman gave a pleasant surprise to everyone after he installed a silicon statue of his late wife MVK Madhavi at his newly constructed home on the occasion of their house warming party proving the quote “Eternal love never dies with death “.

Srinivas’s wife silicon statue

In 2017 while traveling to Tirupati with her daughters MKV Madhavi met with a fatal car accident. Though her daughters sustained having minor concussions but Madhavi couldn’t survive she died at the moment.
When Madhavi was alive she had a dream of owning a house and had planned everything for it including 3D sketches of the new house. Keeping the promises alive Srinivas Gupta decided to construct a house in her memory.

When the dream house was completed Gupta made sure that his wife is present at the housewarming party. Srinivas Gupta said that “We did not want to miss her in the ceremony so we planned to create a wax statue of her initially but one of my friends suggested a Bengaluru based company Bombemane who are experts in creating the life-size statues The artist Sridhar Murty of Bombemane company told us to opt for silicon statue instead of a wax statue as it can make her look more natural and lively.”

Srinivas and his wife

Srinivas Gupta also said that he visited Bombemane three-four times and provided them with hundreds of photographs of Madhavi and when it was made it was nothing short of reality for him.

With the same physique, eyes, color tone it was completely like her. It made him and guests believe that she was present on the occasion.

Srinivas Gupta was overwhelmed to have his wife again at his home.
The videos and pictures of their housewarming party have gone viral in the social media and people are acknowledging the heartwarming story.

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