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Bill Gates: India is playing a crucial role in the research and manufacturing of COVID vaccine: Know More

India is once again praised by renowned industrialist and software company Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Bill Gates has once again spoken of India’s significant contribution in the ongoing war against Corona. This was stated by Bill Gates on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the Global Conference Grand Challenges Annual Meeting, 2020.

Gates has said that India’s research and manufacturing capacity is very important in the fight against Corona. Bill Gates said this while retweeting a tweet containing PM Modi’s video speech. Bill Gates also thanked PM Modi for being a part of this program.

Bill Gates has previously praised India’s role in the war against Corona. Gates had previously stated that India’s pharmaceutical industry is capable of producing the Corona vaccine not only for its country but for the entire world. He said that Indian pharma companies are doing a very important job in helping to manufacture the Corona vaccine in India.

He said that all the developing countries of the world are going to benefit from the vaccine made from India.

Significantly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed the Global Conference Grand Challenges Annual Meeting, 2020. During this, he spoke about India’s contribution in the war against Corona. He had said in his address that India has done wonders in the war with Corona.

PM Modi said that the country’s scientific institutions are our biggest capital. Now on the basis of his experience and his research talents, India is ready to show the way to the whole world.

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