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Assam Baghjan oil field fire: 2 deceased and one gone missing, expected loss could be more, read to know more:

By Purvi Jain

During the Assam Baghjan oil field fire, 2 firefighters died and one is still missing. The bodies of the deceased were recovered on Wednesday.

Experts, engineer of Oil India Limited, are still engaged in controlling the fire as it continues to burn in Tinsukia district.

“Fire tenders are at the site controlling the spread of fire. While chalking out the plans with ALERT team in the morning, five options were presented by ALERT team which included ‘Capping Stack Guide Rail’ Mechanism and ‘Ignite Well’ options. ONGC & OIL teams had made considerable progress with the ‘Capping Stack Guide Rail’ Mechanism and it was decided to proceed with the same. However, the current situation would be brought under control by the experts,” Tridip Hazarika said.

OIL has evacuated the district around it so that people are not being affected. Oil India Limited says it would nearly take 4 more weeks to extinguish complete fire. It was further said that once the situation gets into control, experts from OIL will move from the site.

“Post the incident, emergency meetings are underway with alert team. They have expressed that it is now a safe environment for working and are confident that situation can be controlled and the well can be capped safely.”

“All the operation as per ALERT will take about 4 weeks. Efforts will be made to reduce this timeframe as much as possible. We seek the support of all stakeholders in the moment of crisis,” said Tridib Hazarika.

15 People from OIL, IAF are engaged into these fired. Around 50 trees were burnt during this oil fire took place. Army teams are also deployed into this area to control it.

Around 3000 people from 1610 families has been shifted safe relief camps and villages surrounded.

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