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A Chinese robber returned money to women after seeing her bank account balance

A video went viral over the internet which has helped a thief to gain sympathy online. A thief returned  the money he stole from his victim when he saw her bank balance.

The incident took place in China. According to the Shanghaiist, the CCTV footage was of ICBC Bank in city of Heyuan which shows a woman is making her transaction. A man from behind comes up to her with a knife in his hand, the scared woman hands over the 2,500 yuan she had just withdrawn. The robber when asked women to show her account balance, he returned the money back because she had no money left with her.

The video further shows the robber leaving the place with a smile.  The video was shared by CGTN after it went viral over China social media platform. Unfortunately, his act of kindness did not spare him from getting arrested. However, it inspired tons of joke.

“I bet when he sees my bank account he is gonna give his own money, knife and his jacket as well”, one of the comment read.

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