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No Fear No Favour

6 ways to spice up the holiday season.

Byline By- Nitisha Nagpal

Holidays seems to be the perfect way to spend leisure time with your loved ones. Besides those fancy dinners, you can always try something unique.

Its time for Netflix and Chill
Having some spare time on the hands we can bing watch all those special movies released during holidays

Lets shower love on strangers
Being a kind person is the ultimate joy and by sharing holiday’s spirit with somebody is what makes it even more special. Try sending gifts and clothing items to different shelters.

Find those perfect angles
Start indulging in daily blogs or vlogs and one can always try their hands in creating a YouTube career. Discover your interest areas and bring out that creativity.

Go Green!
Spend some time learning those gardening tricks and methods to later harvest some earthy and delicious veggies. Start with basic stuff like tomatoes and ginger and you can always master complex ones after proper skill set.

Burn those festive calories
You can always take a long walk across the block or maybe go hiking. Trust us you will love some fresh air.

Garage Sales
We all have some stuff lying around in the corner and a garage sale seems to be the perfect way to make some extra bucks. Electronic items, books, clothes, watches, wooden items anything can be used.

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