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4 Hairfall myths that you might not know.

4 Hairfall myths that you might not know.

Come on, let’s tell you about these myths
Everyday we face common hair fall issues whether the reason is lack of hair care routine or erratic lifestyle but there are a lot of reasons for hair fall. Many of us reach out for many hair care products but many of us fall into prey of commonly believed myths that promises to completely eliminate our hair issues.

According to dermatologist Aanchal Panth there are some myths which we all might have guilt for believing in it . Following are 4 hair fall related myths that you might not know about :

  1. Castor oil proves hair density:
    Castor oil forms a coating on hair due to which it might look thicker but actually it does not increase the hair intensity in the area.
  2. Oil massage will reduce hair fall:
    Oil massage may be calming and soothing for scalp but it will not have any impact on hair fall but it will help in de-stressing the scalp which may help in decrease of hair fall . Try to avoid vigorous oil massage as it may increase hair fall.
  3. Combing hair 100 times improve hair quality: This is the common myth we all have but combing hair may damage hair cuticle and hair can become more frizzy.
  4. Applying fenugreek will reduce hair fall:
    Applying fenugreek paste is a popular hack though it helps in conditioning hair and even gives shine to hair but it does not have any impact regarding hair fall.

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