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3,500 employees fired over 3-minute Zoom call

With the outbreak of contagious corona virus, the steps taken to save millions of lives lead to an straightforward guess of worldwide damage to life, employment, economy and what not. But such insensitive and uncaring approach by companies for eliminating their employees wasn’t foreseen.

During this time of worldwide lockdown and unproductivity, the companies are unable to generate revenues and profits which has forced them to adopt cost cutting measures and lay off their staff. Likewise, Uber took an harsh approach and eliminated 3,500 employees i.e. 14% of its workforce on 3 minutes Zoom call.

In a video obtained by Daily Mail, who first reported the story, we can see the head of Uber’s customer service office, Ruffin Chaveleau, telling people that today was their last day at the company.
Over the zoom call, Chaveleau shared that the company’s business witnessed a drop by more than 50%.
She said, ” With the trip volume down, , the difficult and unfortunate reality is there is not enough work for many front-line customer support employees.” Chaveleau added, “As a result, we are eliminating 3,500 front-line customer support roles. Your role is impacted and today will be your last working day with Uber.”
Chaveleau was extremely saddened and started crying over the call while saying,”I know that this is incredibly hard to hear. No one wants to be on a call like this. With everyone remote and a change of this magnitude, we had to do this in a way that allowed us to tell you as quickly as possible so that you did not hear it from the rumor mill.”

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