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14 year old ban lifted from Bihar Cricket Association, will be playing the next Ranji season.

The story of Bihar Cricket Association (B.C.A) come back is an interesting one, it all began on the very day when Jharkhand was splitted from Bihar in 2004. The question was , how will B.C.A will function if the head quarter was in Ranchi Jharkhand. Hence Jharkhand Cricket Association (J.C.A) was formed. The head office being in Ranchi is not the only reason why it was shifted to Ranchi, the Tata group had a great influence on the game. They had the money and the power to run it as Tata had few of their own team playing in the unofficial cricket leagues.And at that time, Bihar did not have an International cricket ground.

You must be wondering why didn’t Bihar cricket made a board for itself. Because, there were three local cricket board which claimed that they were supreme and the rest two were naught. ABC, BCA, CAB! No these are not any mathematical terms but the names of the reason why Bihar Cricket board couldn’t be formed, Association of Bihar Cricket, Bihar Cricket Association and Cricket Association of Bihar.

Interestingly, on the day when B.C.A was banned Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the captaintaing the side. Luckily Dhoni was from Ranchi so he continued with J.C.A. But not all the cricketers from Bihar were as lucky as Dhoni. They had to migrate to Bengal and other states to continue their cricketing career. It is being said, that this resulted in great loss of some good talent. But not anymore!

All thanks to Aditya Verma.

Aditya Verma was Secretary was C.A.B. He made it a mission of his life to bring Bihar back to the Domestic arena. He was found at the head quarter of BCCI day in and day out. It’s his and only his efforts that Bihar will be playing 2018 Ranji season.

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