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Youngsters Don’t Think Sex Is A Dirty Thing, Says Ranveer Singh.

It’s always fun to read interviews of Ranveer Singh, his outspoken nature, quirky humour, charming personality and Sassiness blends perfectly and creates some brilliant contents for media houses (we are included!).
The best thing about Ranveer Singh is he is always vocal about his personal life, even to an extent that the actor doesn’t even shy away from talking about sex unlike most other actors. Recently at an event, the actor yet again asserted that the subject is not taboo. He said, “Sex in our country is a subject of stigma. For the longest time, sex in India has always been spoken and thought of as a dirty thing, a sleazy subject and always kept in the closet.” While talking about the condom brand he endorses, the ‘Befikre’ actor said, “It was my own small way of shedding light on the changing perception about sex. Youngsters don’t look upon it as a taboo subject anymore, they don’t think about it as a dirty thing.”

This is not the first time that Ranveer go all out to change the perception about sex, earlier this year in an interview for GQ magazine February edition, Ranveer revealed that he had sex for the first time when he was just 12 years old (what?) and by the time he reached 26 he probably had coitus like 250-300 times, (Lucky!). He’s probably the only celebrity who has endorsed a condom voluntarily. He told GQ that he called up Durex and told them that he wants to work with them. Why Durex? And he unflinchingly responds, “Because it’s a brand I used first when I was 12 with a 14-year-old.” And he confesses that he wrote the ad himself. Now that’s something no actor has done ever.
Sex is not a taboo and it’s applaud worthy that A-lister like Ranveer talk about it in public.

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