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No Fear No Favour

Youngsters brace yourselves; last day left to fulfill your hunger with booze & chicken!

Navratri is just around the corner. The auspicious festival will start from October 1st and will be celebrated for 9 days and nights. And this year the auspicious festival will be celebrated for 10 days. So, there is definitely going to be a long ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ list for all the spoil brats there. We all will have to stay away from some of our dearest stuff. So, it’s the last day to fulfill all your wishes which you are definitely going to crave for the next 10 days! Here is the list of ‘To Do’s’ these last two day, which will dramatically turn into ‘Don’ts’ list soon:

1. Eat Non-veg like you’ve not eaten anything since forever

*Chicken Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Curry, Chicken Masala, Chicken Biryani*

2. Go out with your friends and get drunk!

Alcohol is a total NO-NO in Navratris. You can’t even go nearby a beer shop else your mother will definitely disown you. So, it’s your day. Drink till you drop!

3. Cut your nails. NOW!

Cutting your nails is prohibited during navratris till Ekadashi for various reasons. So if you don’t want to turn into a witch who tears apart the skin, go cut your nails!

4. Haircut!!

To all the guys who always wanted to keep that emo-look or a pigtail here’s a good news for you. For the first time ever in your life your mother will support your demand of having long hair! Haircuts are in the list of ‘Don’ts’ in Navratri. Yaay! But if you are into some formal profession, go to a parlor this evening only!

Not a really long list to do in a day right? Go for it!

(This is just a humour article. It is not intended to hurt any religious sentiments)

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