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You Will Be Shocked To Know The Relation Between Mayawati & This Blue T-Shirt Boy!

From Game of Thrones to Bahubali, we all know “successor” is a must to continue the legacy of any house. Our Bahujan Samaj Party Supremo, Mayawati seems inspired by this now.

Is Mayawati looking for a successor to lead her party for ages to come? Has she found someone? Whom can he choose? Have some patience folks, we are going to answer all your questions in this article.

As we know, Mayawati is single forever that’s why we use prefix SuShri by her name. Years ago rumours surfaced that Mayawati is having some heat with BSP’s co-founder Kashiram, but, Alas! That heat just ended with Kashiram’s prey’s fire.

After the Naseemuddin scenario, Mayawati is now getting restless thinking about whom to trust. Mayawati has always opposed the thought of FAMILISM in politics. But now she has decided to follow her fellow politician Mulayam Singh Yadav’s policy to introduce Hierarchy into his party.

Yes! We know, Mayawati once said that she will never bring family into politics/service for people, or whatever.

But, things change & people too.

Mayawati has now introduced her niece into the party. No, we are not talking about Mayawati’s “Political Bhatija”  Ex-Cm Akhilesh Yadav. She actually came up with her brother Anand’s son Aakash, as her successor for the party. Aakash is just 20 years of age. Though he is quiet qualified, being an MBA from London. Mayawati put Aakash in limelight on 19th April, soon after she announced her brother Anand as National Vice President for the party on 14th April.

It’s clear now that, BSP is going to have some IMPORTED stuff for 2019 Sangathan.

For almost a month, Aakash has become a shadow to his “BUA”. Even Vodafone’s dog is now gaining an insecurity with this. “Wherever you go, we follow”, this tag-line has some real impact over Aakash for her BUA. It is also said that Mayawati is training her niece to learn the functioning & ideology of the party so that he can lead the party after Mayawati.

Seems like, Behanji has got some real exciting RETIREMENT PLANS.

Only time can tell, Ye Pataka Footega Ya fuss Hoga.?

That’s all

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