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No Fear No Favour

You should think twice before getting a tattoo, after watching this viral video.

Among all the fashion trends, getting inked is one trend which is never out of trend and is accepted worldwide. People get tattooed for the sake fashion, some get it to show their love or respect to a particular person and some get their beliefs inked on their bodies. For whatever reason, one gets a tattoo it is important to keep in mind get it done from a reliable tattoo artist with genuine ink.

And that’s the one thing most people tend to forget about, just like this man on the video, who didn’t care about the safety of getting a tattoo. The video is recently going viral where it shows that how dangerous it is when getting a tattoo turns out to be a nightmare.

Before watching the video, the story goes like this:

A man called his friend to help as the tattoo on his back was getting inflamed. The man’s friend saw that the man’s back had turned red due it inflammation and had a wound. The tattoo looked to be swollen and this could have been due to cheap ink or needles used were not sterilised. The man’s friend pulled out stringy pieces of a burst cyst with nail clippers. With little more of pulling the plug came out and then the man’s friend removed the infected plug from the tattoo. What followed was really terrible as a river of brown pus started oozing out of this man’s tattoo. They got a towel to mop the pus off and the fluid that leaked from the tattoo. According to doctors the reason behind this leak of pus was use of low quality of ink or unsterilized needles.

If the story is too disgusting for you please don’t watch this video :

Source: Zeppfeed, inputs by Saket Sharma.

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