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No Fear No Favour

You should not miss the story of this North Indian girl!

“Madam kaunsa colour marroon ya red?” the shopkeeper’s voice suddenly woke me up from my never ending daydream! Sitting at the shop selecting a lehenga for my very own wedding was something I’ve dreamt of but when it actually turned into a reality I am not ready to accept it so soon. There are around fifty designs of heavy bridal lehenga’s with all the sequence work and shimmer in front a girl who’s sitting in her loose XL sized t-shirt and sports shoes. This national level taekwondo player was actually going to get married in next twenty days. I’ve always been a rebel for my middle class Brahmin family. My grandfather used to hate me for not wearing salwar suits and playing with boys in the field in front of my house. He used to taunt my mother for not giving me the perfect ‘sanskar’s’ what a girl should poses.

“Her in-laws will kick her out of the house. Forget about in-laws, I doubt even if anyone would agree to get married to her” he scolded my mother. Mumma smiled at me while applying dettol to my bruises. All her savings were already spent on my taekwondo classes and now these taunts did not affect her anymore. “Which colour suits me more? Red or Maroon?” I could clearly guess from his voice that he was not expecting this girly question form me. “Is this Misha I’m talking to?” he said chuckling. “Please tell me, I’m really confused. I don’t think these things will suit me at all. I’ll look ugly as always” I said in a low tone. “What suits me more?” I repeated. “Your black belt. That makes you look the most beautiful and that’s what made me fall for you” he said with all his love. I blushed. The only man who taught me how to kick as hard as to break a marble slab is the same man who taught this ‘tom-boy’ to blush like a girl. “Forget about it I’ll decide it myself” I said and disconnected the call.

People say couples are made in heaven and they are right. I’ve found the man of my life the taekwondo ring! He believed in me more than he believed in any of his students. Though I was the only girl who got slapped by him. That slap is the lesson behind my never loosing spirit. His confidence in me and the way he has always been the strongest support behind me made me know the true meaning of love. He proposed me the day I won my gold in the national level taekwondo league. That ring was as important to me as that medal around my neck. The best thing about him was that he never tried to change this tom-boy into a girl. He loved me the way I am. With carelessly tied hair, loose closed and no traces of any makeup on my face. And the best thing, he never expected me to make round rotis!

We did not even realized when all these years passed and we were actually going to get married in just three weeks. My family was super excited and equally tensed. Everyone was busy in preparations of all the different rituals.
Finally the day was here. No one would have ever thought that this girl who wore sports shoes could ever get ready like a proper bride and walk in heels, wearing that heavy jewellery. I looked into the mirror and could not recognize myself. “Misha you are looking really beautiful” Maa said with tears in her eyes. As I was walking towards him with that varmala in my hand my heart throbbed like a train running at its highest speed. The butterflies in my stomach seemed to be super high and fluttered like anything. He could not take his eyes off me. His deep eyes made me fall for him all over again.

I had to jump to quite high to put that varmala round his neck. I never understand why do friends pick up the bride and groom during this ritual. Anyways, now it was his turn. Hidden inside that garland was the silver medal he won in the last match of his life. “You made my life and my dreams complete, I love you” he whispered in my ear.
I had tears of happiness that whole night and those secret recipes of proper Punjabi food in my mind.
“This black belt has a lot of surprises for you coach!”

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