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You Have Been Drinking Water Wrong In Your Entire Life!

1-  Always drink 8 glasses of water each day. The health benefits are amazing. But the most important thing is how you drink.

2-  If you stand while you drink, the water splashes the stomach wall. This is bad because It can harm the stomach over time and disrupt the digestive process.


3-  The kidneys actually function much better when you’re in a sitting position. Therefore, you should always sit down when you drink water.


4- If gulps don’t quench your thirst. So remember to drink slowly!


5- If you are tensed, maybe it’s because you’re not sitting down when you drink. Take your time, sit down and drink        slowly.


6- Drinking while standing can cause severe indigestion. Yet another reason to sit down when you drink water.


7- Drinking water while standing won’t hurt you. But it will cause health.


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