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World Bicycle Day: Here are some reasons embarking the importance of the day and cycling

By Purvi Jain

Prime Minister Narendra Modi riding the bicycle

World cycle day is observed on June 3, every year in every country. The honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been seen cycling on this day. This day signifies human progress and advancement. The bicycle further is a symbol for sustainable transport which leads to a positive impact on climate. The ongoing use of cycle strengthens physical and mental health and develops a culture of cycling in society.

Most of you would be having a thought of why is it necessary to celebrate the cycle day, haven’t you? It is because at all ages, maintaining a healthy and longevity physical activity such as cycling has significant impact on health. The mobility of people who prefer cycles even protect the lives of pedestrian and show a deep concern towards the environment, air quality and road safety.

Now, a new question would arise in minds of people about how cycling a bicycle would benefit us? Although , it is well known that people prefer to perform tasks which benefit them in return, so does cycling. Cycling is a pathway of greater health quality. People who can’t afford a private vehicle go for a cycle which provides the following stated benefits on their health and surroundings;

• reducing the risk of heart diseases, strokes, certain types of cancer

• it is a cost effective method for sustainable transportation

• it is a tool for development which has a access to education , health care and sports

The car culture which has been developed in many decades can’t be changed overnight. Car culture has lead to various problems such as obesity, severe health related issues and many more. The most affected is the climate and environment by the task to encourage cycling to bring back the environment for degradation.

Cycling remains a minority activity in our society. It is crucial when cyclists risk themselves on roads by cars to challenge the car culture. Police, political parties, constitution and legislative should play a important role in achieving the goal for cycling.

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