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‘A Woman’s Work Is To Follow Man Orders’ Says Rajasthan Revised Textbooks.

where’s our country going?
Both sad and disturbing news comes from Rajasthan where experts reveal that the revised school textbooks approved from Rajasthan board of secondary education “reinforce male dominance,” with stories of courage and bravery revolving around male characters while relegating women to the “domestic sphere.”
A report prepared by academics based in Delhi and Jaipur revealed that most chapters in primaries focus on stories that build around male dominance and project women as the gender who have to follow orders from the ‘superior gender’.
The chapter on Sant Kanwar Ram, a Sindhi poet, in Class VIII states that a woman’s duty is to follow her man. It also showcases how the poet had six children, three each from his two wives. He married twice after the death of his first wife at the age of 46. The entire chapter reflects male dominance and that a woman’s job is to bear children.
Class VI chapter ‘Gulab Singh’ gives another example of how a girl who was willing to participate in a protest (not clearly specified) holding a flag was denied to do so. Instead, her brother was allowed to participate. Later, in the story, she was allowed only after her brother was killed. The main motto behind the chapter is that women are not capable enough to take responsibilities and that men are the ones who get the job done.
Rajeev Gupta, the former professor at Rajasthan University, told media that the “function of women as a leader, administrator, and policy maker isn’t at all emphasized.”Earlier this season, academics determined that school textbooks in Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled Rajasthan were being saffronized.
Our only question to Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, if women are not capable enough to run the administration, they are the one who should follow men orders, so what about Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia, is she not capable to run the government, isn’t she is the one whose ‘decision’ matters the most ?

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