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Women at Google flap down Sexism!

Women at Google have come up with a rather cunning and tongue-in-cheek way to raise awareness about gender equality after an investor made a sexiest remark at the company’s annual shareholders meeting last week.
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When one investor wanted to ask chief financial officer Ruth Porat a question, he addressed it to “the lady CFO.” He then directed his second question for Alphabet SVP of corporate development, David Drummond, to “Mr. Drummond.”
Although, Porat seemed to have not acknowledged this petty sexiest comment but very soon after that the frustration was evident both online and in the room, with another shareholder Sonen Capital’s Danielle Ginach, calling him out a few questions later:
“I am sorry to put another shareholder on the spot,” she said. “But Ms. Porat is the CFO, not the lady CFO.”
Now as a counterattack, the googlers have decided to celebrate this Thursday and Friday as “Lady Day”. The idea sprouted over an email email group suddenly had more than 800 googlers add a prefix “Lady___” against their names as a mild protest against the incident.
“It’s really inspiring to have women leaders like Ruth to look up to,” Anya Estrov, another Googler who changed her title, says. “I hope that by seeing this, women will continue to push themselves.”
Already low on women employees and their 79 cent to a dollar earned by men ratio, such gestures will definitely empower them.
Meg Mason, a “Lady Partner Operations Manager” for Shopping, tells Business Insider that she sees Lady Day as a fun and “Googley” way to allow employees to “stand together and to show that someone’s gender is entirely irrelevant to how they do their job.”
“Lady Day” is yet another example that women in the present scenario aren’t the one’s who’d succumb to sexism. They’d rather come up and against it and prove their mettle.
Therefore, we must admire this particular approach and celebrate with them indeed, the “Lady day” and hope that in the near future, they won’t need uplifting or empowerment because Women are already powerful, to extents men might only wonder.

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