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Women Are Not For Your Entertainment, Khabardar! Sulli Par Chada Denge.

By: Saket Sharma

‘Khabardar sulli pe chadadenge’ (Beware you will be hanged), ‘Aurate entertainment ke liye nhi hai’ (women’s are not for entertainment), Hum Bachhe paida krne ki machine nhi hai ‘ We are not a machine for making babies’. These are the words which aimed towards Lok Sabha speaker after the issue of BJP State Vice President Daya Shankar Singh remarks against BSP Supremo Mayawati were brought on the house.


Initially BJP Rajnath Singh tried to calm down the atmoshphere but oppostions were no mood to settle down the issue and most of the opposite party members were in support of BSP Supremo and wants a strong action should be taken against the BJP Vice President Daya Shankar Singh.

Talking about the issues BJP Supremo Mayawati said- “al party leaders respect my dignity, they call me their sister, that’s why they don’t wanted me to see the clip where BJP Vice President Daya Shankar Singh made such derogratory remark towards me. The man used the language against his sister, his daughter because people treat me as daughter and sister. If BJP wants to move forward, they should first learn how to respects Dalits and women.
That man needs to be arrested,Inwhat right this man is speaking in this uncivilised manner,”Are we here to pay lip service?” says Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury.

DMK member Kanimozhi condemns the remarks, says it’s deplorable and unacceptable. Personal comments are used as weapons against women in public life, she says.
After seeing all around protest against his remark BJP Vice President Daya Shankar Singh apologized to Mayawati in an interview and said he respect her enough and i apologize for my remarks towards her.

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