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Why World’s Best Athletes Eat So Much McDonald’s ? And We Stop Our Kids To Eat McDonald’s!

You are also sad about no Olympic medals for India so far this year, but we think we crack the code about Indian athletes losses, it actually their food diet, Acc. to Olympic officials McDonald’s turns out to be a luck charm for winners in this year Rio Olympics. Players from countries like America, UK and China prefer McDonalds over any fast food restaurants in Rio Olympic Villages. Most of the times, players who eat from McDonalds became a champion in their particular sports.


Yes apparently when they’re not actually competing, Olympians likely have one of two things on their minds in Rio: when to have sex, and what to consume at the Olympic Village’s food court. You’d think the second decision would be much tougher for 10,000 consummate pros who are, theoretically, on regimented diets requiring them to swear off things like fries and McNuggets — but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

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The one constant in the Olympic Village, the collection of high-rise apartment towers where some 10,000 athletes, coaches and staff live during the Games, is that there will be a line out the door of the McDonald’s. Morning and night the Olympians will be waiting for their fries.
Narsingh Yadav please eat from McDonald’s before your big fight too.

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