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Why is Indian society still obsessed with Kundli matching? Even After this long list of failed marriages

If you have ever watched ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai’ do you remember the climax of the movie? Abhishek Bachchan against all the odds marries Diya Mirza who was a ‘Manglik’ according to their Family guru. The scene turned out to be a hilarious one where Sanjay Dutt actually makes us realize that these superstitions do nothing to us except ruining our progressive mindset.

Now let’s come to reality. Aishwarya Rai had to marry two trees “to ward off the evil influence of Mars” before marrying Abhishek Bachchan as the beautiful lady is a ‘Manglik’. Surprising enough? No right? Indian society is obsessed with matching a Kundli before marriage so that they can assure a happily-ever-after life. But let’s face the reality; most of the couples are experiencing the worst phase of failed marriages in this society only. Even after taking too many precautions before getting married and so many pre-marriage rituals, marriages still fail in India. And the worst part, divorce is still a taboo in our society. People prefer to burden themselves with the loads of an unsuccessful and unhappy marriage life but they can’t opt for a divorce.

And I guess nobody can deny this harsh truth of our society that Love marriages are still not a cake walk for the couples here. Even if they convince their parents to rise above caste and creed, the ‘Kundli matching’ plays the role of villain in the love story.
Let’s see the main reasons why it is important to match Kundli according to our society:
Your pundits or astrologers match kundlis on the basis various factors such as the location, date and time of birth of you and your potential spouse. The final results are made taking the position of planets, stars or nakshatras into account. More gunas that match means more compatibility. Gunas are matched based on the point system and each point carries different weightage. These are given below-

1. Varna, as per vedic astrology, is matching of the intricacies of castes: Caste! The main issue behind those broke hearts.

2. Vasya, which denotes the power of attraction: I have no clue how long does attraction lasts in a marriage.

3. Tara, the calculation of which describes the longevity of the partner: Well if longevity is decided already, why do divorces even exist?

4. Yoni, describes the nature and characteristics of the person: A person is never the same as you meet them, they always change with time and conditions. So what is even the need of this?

5. Graha Maitri, depicts natural camaraderie/friendship between the two: Your stars never decide your friends right? Sometimes you develop the most unlikely friendship ever.

6. Gan, helps to understand the mental compatibility between the two: Your stars are never decide compatibility either.

7. Bhakoot, calculation denotes the influence each has on the other

8. Nadi, shows the health and happiness of children

All these gunas carry 1 to 8 points, and their sum can go up to 36. If the kundli score is 18 or above then the match is more favourable and ones with a score lesser than 18 are considered to face trails and issues in their wedding.

So! Don’t you think that the Indian marriages which happen on the basis of these ‘scores’ is a bit illogical? When a marriage is destined to last, when two people are meant to be with each other, it is anyways going to happen. And if two people are not meant to be together, they won’t.
Think about this for a while and yes, stop please try reading your horoscopes and match making results from now! They are not going to do any good to you, instead you will live in the constant fear of being defeated by your fate. Stop this for your own sake now. I bet you will feel more positive and better about yourself 🙂

By: Swapnil Mishra

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