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No Fear No Favour

Why do we bite our nails? There’s scientific reason behind it too.

You know how biting your nails has always been frowned upon? Like when your mum was always telling you it was a dirty habit and that you should stop it?
And when you were older, your friends would grab your hands and say, “Ohhh you’re never going to have pretty nails if you don’t stop biting them!”
Well, we’ve got news for you. Behaviours like nail biting, picking split ends, tapping on the table and twirling your hair don’t actually stem from a nervous habit at all. In fact, science says its actually a personality trait of those with a case of perfectionism.
New research from the Journal of Behaviour Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry actually suggests this “habits” aren’t actually habits at all. Instead, they come from a feeling of an exacerbated need to complete life’s tasks at a fast pace – it’s impatience in driven people.
The study showed that nail biting occurred when those people were feeling bored and complacent – they don’t come from poor habits, they come from the need to progress and succeed.
So there you have it, nail biter, you are ambitious and a perfectionist. You’re welcome.

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