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While US started world’s first drone delivery services, Indian Post offices decide to sell grains instead!

The world’s first commercial drone delivery service is in Rwanda, and it’s delivering blood and good news for Indian side of postal services too, as Indian Post Offices will soon start selling your daily ‘Rashan’ products too. Why? Because it’s India.

This unique drone service is operated by US robotics and drone company, Zipline. The drones drop blood parcels on parachutes outside remote health centres. Rwanda’s government pays Zipline for the deliveries, each of which costs about the same as the motorbike deliveries used previously, according to Keller Rinaudo, Zipline’s CEO. Health workers can request a blood drop via text message, and it arrives around 30 minutes later. That makes a big difference in a country where short road trips can take hours. Blood loss after birth is one of the reasons maternal mortality is much higher in poor countries than rich ones; it’s the leading cause of death in Rwanda for pregnant women. And blood has to be stored carefully and matched to the recipient.

Now let’s talk about our Postal services, the one who is now delivering anything the govt. had asked them for. After delivering Ganga jal, post offices will now start selling pulses at subsidised rates to consumers. Finding a solution to the lukewarm response of states in picking up pulses from the central buffer stock, the Centre has decided to roll out this initiative in the next couple of weeks.

In fact, To make a beginning, Post Offices will start selling chana dal at subsidised prices at some of the post offices since it’s still selling at a relatively high price.

That’s not an issue, what is delivering what, but it’s about who is doing what. Delivery services in the foreign market have changed, they had adopted the new policies, the days of letters and posts were long gone like VHS tape, but that doesn’t mean you’ll change the USP of a particular department?

Indian Government should learn some lesson from US Government about how to update and modernise the departments.

BY: Saket Sharma

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