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Where Is Our Country Gone, Rape Videos Are Selling At Rs 50 In Agra!

Agra the place which is famous for Taj Mahal are in news for totally different reasons, The media outlets reports that the rape videos are being sold in Agra in large quantities. These reports came in the midst of growing incidents of atrocities against women in the state. In what should come as a sickening incident for societal morality, right under the nose of the police and the administration, reports reveals that ‘rape’ videos are being sold in Uttar Pradesh for hundreds or even thousands. These shocking reports came in the midst of growing incidents of rape and atrocities against women in the state and protests against the state government started erupting.
Depending on the “duration” and exclusivity” of the clips, which are 30 seconds to 5 minutes long, they are categorized under Rs 50-150, The report further adds that the market of selling and buying rape videos functions by certain rules of its own and the ‘dealers’ will only talk to those who’ve come armed with a trusted customer’s “references”.

It is revealed that Social networking platforms play a very crucial role for such gangs from where they download such stuff and upload them on Twitter, Tumbler or Facebook, like social media websites. The media house quotes a senior cop who says that rapists most of the time record their heinous crime on their mobile phones and use the clips as a tool either to blackmail or bully the victims or to stop them from going to the cops. Some, times these clips are also used to pressure them into further sexual submission. A threat to post the rape online is very common among criminals.

SSP Agra police Preetinder Singh exclusive told to NewsleakCentre about the development on the case, MR.Singh said that they have already raided more than 240 shops and so far arrested 45 accused on case, they have also registered thirty six cases on the issue for selling explicit videos and pirated films.
In a latest incident, a 19-year-old teacher, who was on her way to school, was kidnapped and gang raped by three men and the entire incident was filmed on camera on Tuesday. What’s wrong in our country, and Uttar Pradesh in general, did women safety is not a thing anymore in the state?

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