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When Mom and Dad don’t understand you, a sister always #HappyRakshaBandhan

Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious occasion to celebrate the bond of love and responsibility between a brother and sister. On this day, the sister expresses her love and wishes for her brother’s well-being by performing a Rakhi ceremony. In return the brother pledges to protect and take good care of his sister and also gives a present to his sister to express his love towards her. Enough about the back-story and let’s talk about the real concern you had in this festival, is which gift would be perfect for your sister, right?, well we are here to solve this problem, don’t worry.

Here are 5 nice gifts that you as a brother can give your sister:

1. Books:


If your sister is a nerdy this would be the best gift she will receive from a brother. As they say a book is a man’s best friend, find out what your sister likes to read, go to the nearest store and get that book. You can team the book with cute stationary. She would love it, for sure. If she’s into reading gift her To Kill a Mockingbird or Midnight’s children.

2. Shopping vouchers:


Girls are shopping freaks, who doesn’t know this. Well, if a sister receives a shopping voucher to famous brands she will jump with joy. Instead of buying her clothes and accessories get her some gift vouchers or hampers. Not only that, find out time to go out shopping with her. You might end up sharing your little secrets with each other while shopping, and who knew you find some good shoes for yourself too, girls gives best fashion advice.

3. Holiday:


Holidays are the best things that can happen to somebody’s life. Plan a small trip to the nearest hill station or a beach destination or your sister’s favourite holiday destination. It can be just a family trip or you can chose to tag her friends along. Believe it or not, this will definitely make memories for a lifetime.

4. Jewellery:


Don’t forget, your sister is also your friend. You can buy her some real jewellery which she will love. If you can’t afford a diamond ring then get something close to that. She might just preserve her brother’s present for lifetime.

5. Gadgets:


Gone are those days when you could do away by just giving a chocolate to your sister. This is a generation of gadgets. If you hand an iPad, iPod or say iPhone to your sister on this occasion, she will adore this gift for a lifetime. Find out what your sister likes best or is longing to get. You can just surprise her with that one gift and she can’t be happier.

So, these are some gifts you can give your sister on this auspicious occasion. Apart from this, you can also take her out for dinner or lunch at her favourite restaurant. Lastly, if you are broke like me, just tell her how important she is to you and for your family, it’s a present that she’ll adore the most.

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