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What’s Wrong With Pakistani Media?

Just few days after a Pakistani reporter decided to report the death of humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi to increase TRP by lying down in his grave, Chand nawab infamous ‘Karachi se log video’, “Marvi Sirmed Vs Mullah Hafiz’ live fight, or the one reporter who got trolled by a kid on live television (all videos are in YouTube!) there’s yet another journalist from Pakistan was trolled when he interviewed cattle. This time it was journalist Amin Hafeez, the reporter of Pakistani news channel, Geo. Hafeez interviewed buffaloes and even managed to translate their responses as well, Dr Doolittle?
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The video has been shot in Mehmood Booti district in Lahore. Hafeez reported on how the cattle were using overhead bridge as opposed to humans who risk their lives by crossing the roads. To make it more substantial, the reporter questions the buffalo asking, “Whether they find the overhead bridge useful,” and naturally as we have no clue what the animal is saying (or thinking), the journo responds for them, saying, “Apparently, the cattle find it hard to climb stairs, but they do nonetheless”. So in your face humans!

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