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No Fear No Favour

What Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama has to say to Donald J Trump.

Hillary Clinton publicly conceded the election to Donald J. Trump on Thursday, acknowledging the pain of the defeat in remarks in New York while calling on her supporters to accept that he would be president and give him a chance to lead the country.

President Obama, speaking in Washington, also said that he would work to ensure a smooth transition to a Trump administration and that, despite their differences, we are “all rooting for his success.”

Speaker Paul D. Ryan proclaimed that Mr. Trump had achieved a political feat and earned a mandate by reaching new voters. Mr. Ryan said that he was certain that they would work well together on a conservative policy agenda.

Global markets swooned overnight but stabilized as investors considered the possibility that Mr. Trump’s mix of policies might bolster the economy.. News of Mr. Trump’s election was met with a mix of shock, uncertainty and some congratulations around the world.

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